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About Laurence

Cooking Eggs
About Laurence

I am a mother who loves eating, traveling, cooking and I like to share it !

Before I started Petit Sel KYOTO blog, I have developed my culinary knowledge in different Palace and Restaurant from France, Switzerland and London. While moving to Singapore and afterwards Dubai to follow my Husband I have started working in a very well-known Culinary School and developed my passion for teaching. With our blog we would like to share what is close to our hearts sourcing great seasonal products, creating flavorful recipes and most importantly having fun in our everyday cooking life.

During all those years I have met so many great people who became friends and brought me a lot in my life. Since I arrived in Kyoto I had the chance to meet Sayaka who is helping me with all the translation and the pictures of this blog.


"The only way to
do great cooking,  It's to love what you do.
Bon Appetit!"
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